Our experience enables us to ensure an effective and client-oriented assistance in the most relevant employment matters.

Favouring a preventive approach, and through a close and permanent collaboration with the internal HR structures of the clients, we are specially prepared to provide assistance in the matters highlighted below.

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LISBONLAW holds the experience in other areas of expertise.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We develop permanent consultancy services to companies with national reach, in a perspective of corporate housekeeping.

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We participate in operations of acquisition, sale, growth, and reorganization of companies and corporate groups.

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Real Estate

We hold the experience and the know-how to provide advice on all aspects of real estate activity.

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We work alongside with colleagues with the expertise and know-how to provide the most efficient solutions in tax-related queries.

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The proximity and our knowledge about your business allows us to support your legal positions in case of conflict.

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LISBONLAW has extensive experience in assisting investors who wish to settle in Portugal or to acquire Portuguese nationality.

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Health and Pharmaceutical

LisbonLaw has the skills for the provision of specialized legal advice to national and foreign clients within the health, life sciences and pharmaceutical sector.

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